Let's Talk About Catfish


While we might be all about Whole Hog at Sam Jones, it’s not all we do! Barbecue is definitely what we are best known for, but we’ve been cookin’ up other southern staples for generations. One of those things that we’re pretty proud of is our fried catfish. But let’s be clear–this isn’t just some frozen stuff off the back of a truck.

Catfish Sam Jones BBQ

We proudly source our local farm-raised catfish from Carolina Classics Catfish less than 10 miles away. They produce some of the best American raised catfish in the country, and we’re lucky to have them right in our backyard. They’re so close, that our catfish comes to us fresh, when most folks are getting it frozen. So whenever you order catfish from us, you know it’s always fresh, never frozen, and as local as you can get.

Carolina Catfish have extremely strict specifications for their fish. They are raised in large earthen ponds filled with pure water–they don’t swim around in pesticides or synthetic chemicals. They feed their catfish a natural diet and process everything by hand. The end result is a delicately flavored fish that’s light and flakey and a totally different experience than most of the catfish served in restaurants (which is often previously frozen and imported from over seas).

We use Carolina Catfish in two of our menu items–our Catfish Bites and the Catfish Sandwich. Both are fried to a golden-brown crispness. The catfish bites are, as the name implies, golden brown bite-sized pieces of catfish that are perfect for sharing; and the fried catfish sandwich is a classic with tomato, lettuce and tartar sauce.

Never had our catfish? Come on by, and give it a try. It’s a true taste of the south, and the best part is you’ll be supporting a local business. We bet you’ll be surprised how delicious fresh catfish can be!