Get Rewarded at Sam Jones BBQ

We’ve always said we have two priorities: Delicious Whole Hog BBQ, and our customers. Without y’all, we wouldn’t be able to keep the history of Whole Hog BBQ alive and well. Not to mention, we consider our guests to be part of our family, and we wanted to find a way to say thanks for being there for us.

That’s why we’re so happy to offer Sam Jones ‘Que Crew Rewards, a great way to get rewarded every time you visit. Here’s how it works:

Each visit earns one star*
Five stars gets you a free BBQ Sandwich

Couldn’t be any easier, right? Stop by today to join our rewards program. It’s super simple… once you’ve placed your order, you can just enter your phone number right at the register. Remember to enter it every time you stop by - that’s how we keep track of how many points you have! Have questions? Make sure to check out our rewards FAQ below.

Sam Jones BBQ "Que Crew Rewards

Rewards FAQ

+ Do Sam Jones BBQ Rewards cost me anything to participate?

There is no membership fee to be a part of the Sam Jones 'Que Crew Rewards program.

+ How many stars does it take to get a reward?

Every purchase over $10 earns you 1 star. 5 stars = 1 reward.

+ Will you go back and give me credit on the food I have already purchased?

Previous purchases are not eligible for rewards.

+ Do stars or rewards expire?

Stars do not expire. Rewards expire 12 months after they are earned.

+ Do I earn rewards when I redeem my gift card?

No, stars are not gained for purchasing gift cards or earned from purchases made on gift cards.

+ How do I join Sam Jones BBQ Rewards?

Just enter your phone number at the register in the store, or enroll here.

+ Do I earn rewards for catering orders?

All orders will be eligible for rewards.

+ How do guests edit an Sam Jones BBQ Rewards account information?

A cashier or manager at the store update the profile.

+ How do guests redeem rewards in-store?

• Once you have a reward, a six-digit code will be provided.
• Show the cashier, and they will apply it to your account.
• If the you can’t find the six-digit code, the cashier can look up your profile by finding your phone number.

+ Will the guest receive a confirmation when they’ve hit 5 stars (earned a reward)?

There is no confirmation of earning a reward unless you’re in the store when the reward occurs.

+ Can guests save rewards for use at a later date?

Sure! Rewards can be redeemed whenever is best for you.

+ If a guest’s order today will push them over 5 stars, can they use the future reward on the current purchase?

No, rewards are not applicable to the purchase they were earned on. But it could be used on your next visit or another order.