Garden & Gun: North Carolina’s Barbecue Baron

Whole Hog BBQ North Carolinas

Dang! We’re pretty darned honored to get such a nice spread over in this months Garden & Gun. We talked about our new cookbook coming out soon, and the tradition of Whole Hog BBQ. Make sure to check out the whole piece and pre-order your copy of the cookbook ASAP!

Barbecue is completely defined by geography. Where I grew up, you do whole hog over wood, and if you don’t do that, it’s not barbecue. Billy Graham himself couldn’t save you if you didn’t do whole hog over wood. I was fortunate to get to travel and meet people of all walks of life and realize that just because someone’s got a different perspective doesn’t mean I’m wrong and it doesn’t mean they’re wrong. We still cook whole hogs over wood; those core values haven’t changed. But there’s always somebody that can teach you something.
— Sam Jones